This WARNING button is here for the SOLE PURPOSE of WARNING YOU...The Department of Descriptive Services would like to WARN you that you may be FINED up to 1 BILLION...if we decide that you have violated ANYTHING we may choose to FINE YOU (people of the city) over. The fine will be OWED at the EXACT MOMENT the VIOLATION takes place. If you do not fork over 1 BILLION, at the EXACT moment of the VIOLATION, the FINE will increase by double then triple every second it is not FORKED OVER. HOW DARE YOU VIOLATE ANYTHING I decide to be a VIOLATION. HEED these words and BEHOLD to THIS WARNING. (This warning is subject to change at any given time Bebe Mcphereson decides to change it, you are hereby agreeing to any changes that Bebe Mcphereson and The Department of Descriptive Services decides to be justified in a matter out of the courtroom or within the walls of the city. To ensure your full cooperation the deal will be sealed by your next breath, if you die right now after reading this, you will be absolved of the 1 BILLION, thank you for your time and have a pleasant WORK day!)